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Sustainability at Prosim


Prosim Kimya and its group companies, which are integrated with the slogan "We care about your chemistry", continue to fulfill their duties properly for "Sustainable Life".

Prosim Kimya established Polimer Ar Ge as a strategic initiative in the territory of Turkey and creating employment. Employees, suppliers, service providers and their families have contributed positively to the lives of approximately 1000 people in total, and this process continues with social and cultural awareness studies in 2020.

With the principle of equality in business life and education, it provides scholarships to students with limited economic opportunities and provides 80% female employment with positive discrimination in their offices.

Prosim Kimya; By cooperating with universities, continuous trainings are organized for its employees, and in this way, it is responsible for raising well-equipped and conscious employees.

Assuming that sustainability means investment in protecting the chemistry of people, technology and nature, Prosim Kimya continues its investments in this direction.

In line with these goals, our sustainability principles that we have adopted as Prosim Kimya;

  • To continuously improve the environmental, health and safety information and performance of our technologies, processes and products throughout their life cycles, in order not to harm people and the environment,
  • To minimize wastage by using resources efficiently,
  • Being clear about our performance, success and shortcomings,
  • Working together and interacting with all our partners to understand and resolve their concerns and expectations,
  • To cooperate with governments and organizations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards and to take a role in the processes,
  • To promote responsible chemical management for everyone who manages and uses chemicals throughout the product chain.

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